We show you where to focus your attention and resources. More critically, we give you objective, accurate, quantified data to determine if you should do anything at all with your Culture.

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At CultureQuantiX we measure your Culture and show you how it directly impacts the ability to fully implement your annual plans & operations... the universal measure of organizational success.

The optimum Culture for an organization is not what satisfies employees or encourages them to be engaged nor is it what creates satisfied customers. Culture is far more critical; it is the fundamental driver to create an effective organization that successfully achieves its annual plans and objectives .

Our proprietary methodology, based on over two decades of research and experience allows Culture to be identified, measured and managed just as sales quotas, financial results, production goals, product development and others are.

For the first time you will have objective, accurate and quantitative answers about your Culture to make the following decisions with confidence:

  • Know precisely what to change in your Culture
  • Identify where to change your Culture
  • How much of a change to make
  • The Cost and Revenue impact if you make a Cultural change versus doing nothing
  • By how much will changes increase the percentage of implementation of your Plans and Operations

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    We are passionate about Culture and implementing visible change to maximize Organizational Success.

    We VIEW Culture as a journey not a destination. Just as in any journey you must have a very clear purpose for initiating the trip. You need to know where you start from, where you’re going, the route you plan to take and how to track the progress along the way. Then finally, you need to have the confidence and flexibility to alter your plans during the process so you can avoid unexpected obstacles that may evolve.

    Our OBJECTIVE is to transform your view and understanding of Culture from a “soft and fuzzy” concept, which is qualitative, instinctive and abstract into a concise, quantitative, measurable and trackable process. We do this by dissecting the overall Culture into distinct and understandable segments with measurements of the impact that each has on your Organizational Effectiveness.

    Our RESOLVE is to equip our clients with a detailed quantified understanding that allows them to manage, track and evolve their Culture objectively with complete confidence in the anticipated results.

    Our APPROACH is to empower our clients by providing them with the tools, the process and guidance so they can make objective, quantitative decisions for modifying their Culture. Our methodology allows for multiple strategies to be proposed and evaluated. Our clients will be equipped to select their best path towards creating the high performance Culture specific to their Organization’s capabilities and needs.

    Our overall GOAL is to develop our client’s expertise, comfort and confidence to view their Culture as a critical and manageable element for their Organization's success.


    The CultureQuantix Team

    Our Founders

    Robert Brass


    Robert has over 70 patents worldwide in diverse fields such as, computers, computer peripherals, semiconductors, machine tools, memory systems and artificial intelligence. Affectionately referred to as our resident “professor” he is passionate about organizational success. Bob has spent the last two decade researching, analyzing and developing theories and practical methods for defining and measuring corporate cultures, business structures, organizational strategies and the characteristics of effective leaders. Most recently he was co-founder and Chairman of Development II whose primary consulting services were in Market analysis, Customer Analysis and Employee Satisfaction. A serial entrepreneur and inventor he has founded four companies and held management positions at Xerox and Bell Laboratories, He has published numerous papers that explore survey analysis, customer satisfaction, and improving organizational revenue.

    Sandra Kessler


    Sandra has extensive experience in consumer and B2B marketing and business development at large, small and start-up companies. She has a unique blend of classic, retail, digital and mobile expertise across diverse industries, channels and platforms. Her background working in entrepreneurial and established companies has heightened her passion for identifying strategic and financial success in all organizational cultures. Sandra has co-founded two companies and has guided and advised start-up and Fortune 1000 companies. She has held management positions at Weight Watchers International, Del Laboratories, and Eastman Kodak - Sterling Drug. Sandra was a speaker at the Conference Board and has won numerous sales awards.

    Rick Mason


    Rick is our lead developer and chief of all things technical. He is passionate about interpreting the impact of organizational culture utilizing Artificial Intelligence in innovative ways. Rick has extensive and diverse technology experience ranging from corporate MIS to store/POS systems to full Internet and mobile development. He holds several patents in scanning and bar code technology and collaborative system technologies. He has won multiple national and international awards for site design. Rick has co-founded three companies and consulted with start-up and Fortune 1000 companies focusing on technical projects, retail operations and software solutions. Additionally, he has held management positions at Ogilvy & Mather, Xerox and other technology based ventures.